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Starting over with iBooks Author

posted Oct 31, 2012, 10:27 AM by Holloway McCandless
reconstructing for ibooks author 
I'm finally digging in with Google Sites to reconstruct this website to be more than just an advertisement for my e-book (see: I'm resisting plugging it right here--such willpower!).

I invested a lot of time in learning to use iBooks Author specifically to make landscape picture books for the iPad, and it seems silly to let that knowledge go to waste. I don't want to do another picture book right away (I have other non-picture grownup writing projects in my work queue), and I'm worried I'll forget how I did it if I don't write it down soon. Plus my online tutorials might inspire a few more (ahem) purchases of Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad, which would be nice (that willpower didn't last long, did it?!).

So I'm going to reconstruct my iBooks Author process and simultaneously create posts with screen captures that will show other non-techies how to make landscape kids' e-books for the iPad. (If a French major like moi, with no Pages® or HTML or other layout experience, can make an e-book with iBooks Author, anyone can.)

For clarity's sake I'll put my posts on a dedicated page in this website, probably called "iBooks® Author for Kids' E-Books" (see button in the main menu bar above).  I'll add a Google Sites table of contents if I can figure out how, so people can find whatever e-book step is most appropriate.

Apple's new version of iBooks Author (iBA 2.0), just released in October 2012, provides a lot more portrait (upright) templates, but for kids' books I prefer the landscape orientation, which can be done by stripping out the Basic Template. Many of my favorite traditional kids' books are landscape (Good Night MoonWhere the Wild Things AreCorduroy) and I think it's a better format for both big images and little kids.

 If you want to get started now, come on over to my iBooks® Author for Kids' E-Books page!