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The Story Prize for 2015 is Suitably "Thunderstruck"

posted Mar 5, 2015, 5:58 AM by Holloway McCandless

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Last night I learned (via Twitter, natch) that Elizabeth McCracken's wonderful short story collection Thunderstruck & Other Stories won The Story Prize for 2015! In my review of Thunderstruck for Shelf Awareness I wrote that McCracken's stories show "that love's great capacity for tenderness must bear the risk of pain." A year later what I remember most is tenderness, wit, and old-soul endurance. McCracken is a wizard at conjuring emotion on the page, confoundingly by writing in a style that is entirely unsentimental. Unlike some collections, this one will keep you reading--no samey-samey narrators, and no pad-it-out duds. I am so glad Thunderstruck won the prize, because that means more people will find it.

Speaking of emotion, McCracken's memoir, An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination, is a gorgeous, sad, angry, and fully sustaining account of how to survive the loss of a baby and find the courage to get pregnant again. Fair warning: it will make you cry, but it will not destroy you. Read it.

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