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David Gilbert's & Sons: Review & Interview

posted Oct 15, 2013, 8:00 AM by Holloway McCandless

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David Gilbert's & Sons is a playful, twisty literary high-life saga about a reclusive novelist and his spawn. Because the novel begins with an unreliable narrator and there are a lot of interrelated characters, it takes a little while to figure out who's who, but after you sort that out & Sons is a lively, antic ride with some unusual plot surprises. You can read my full Shelf Awareness review of & Sons here.

To get an idea of Gilbert's interesting approach I recommend reading this Q & A I did with him, also for Shelf Awareness. We were careful not to let slip any spoilers (I hate, hate, hate spoilers!). Here's a link to my "Ampersands & Adolescense" interview with David Gilbert.