Audio Widgets on Images: Fastidiousness and Courage Required

posted Sep 11, 2012, 10:55 AM by Holloway McCandless
The iBooks Author App is a great tool, but I confess the combination of my perfectionist genes (he knows who he is) with the fastidiousness required to layer in 33-odd audio widgets onto the image-dominated pages of Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad is taking me a long time. A very, very long time.

(Here is the first item on my wish list for the next generation of iBooks Author: a media widget that does not take up any more space in the layout than necessary to display its progress bar. Thank you.)

So I haven't even submitted the completed Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad file to the iBookstore yet. Sigh. I have fixed the five slideshow/movies to match their text captions though, with read-aloud narration, music, toad sound effects and a baseball batting noise. Some of the audio I recorded myself, and some came from iLife's and iMovie's built-in freebies. That was helpful, as I can't get my mic next to a baseball bat very easily.

But the delay is discouraging, the inlaying is daunting, and I'm also totally bummed about the Sox (you know which color). So my next post is going to be a big happy photo of the Baseball Toad and Princess Diamond as they look now, because just looking at it makes me happy.