How I Made the Baseball Toad Ukulele Video for YouTube

posted Nov 13, 2012, 2:32 PM by Holloway McCandless
No fancy video recording equipment needed!

1) I used my daughter's iPad as the video camera (you can change the camera switch from stills to movie) to record Jaime playing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" while wearing the toad mask (he couldn't see his fingers on the ukulele!).

2) Then I connected the iPad to my laptop via the USB port and imported the video it into iMovie. (I'm not sure if Photostream can cope with files that big, and I was too impatient to wait anyway.)

3) I used iMovie's tools to add a title opening, insert a couple still photographs as brackets to the video footage, and to attach end credits.

4) I also borrowed a frog/toad audio croak from the iLife "Animals" sound effects folder and used the audio that recorded with the video for the music. Jaime had helped me record a separate GarageBand track that was a little higher quality, but I couldn't make it match the toad's finger movements on the video, so I stuck with the sound that the iPad recorded along with the video. I did sample a bit of the other recording at the end, as a coda to accompany the credits.

5) I used iMovie's Share-->"Upload to YouTube" feature which only requires that you have a YouTube account (related to Google if you use Gmail) and that you own the copyright for whatever you're uploading.

5a) If you were making a movie to embed in a media widget in iBooks Author, you would export to your hard drive or to iTunes. I suggest Medium quality, to keep the .mv4 file from being overly large.

Pretty simple and somewhat easy. I'll embed the video on my next post.