Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad Travel the Amazon

posted Feb 6, 2013, 8:55 AM by Holloway McCandless   [ updated May 7, 2013, 10:46 AM ]
I finally took the Kindle .mobi plunge. It took some doing: a reformat of my iBooks Author version, exported and resized jpegs, and some mega-handholding from Charles Spender's e-book Formatting of Children's Books and Comics for the Kindle (99 cents spent on this book will save you HOURS of frustration if you want to use jpeg images to make a fixed-layout children's book for the Kindle), but it was no worse than 13 innings of baseball on a rainy night in October.

So I'm happy to announce...

Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad is now available for the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle for Android app! The Kindle version is cheaper than the iPad version because it does not have audio or video, just colorful pictures and a cheerful story ready for live human reading. I did not take the plunge all the way down to the sea cave of embedding audio and video in an EPUB--I would need to start sleeping longer hours if I wanted to attempt that calculus. (Big slice of humble pie: After skimming some EPUB audio instructions, I have new respect for my summer nemesis, the iBooks Author audio widget.)

One of the great things about the Kindle Store, vs. the iBookstore, is that you can give an e-book as a gift.

So if you want to give Princess Diamond and the Baseball Toad to a young sports fan who has access to a Kindle Fire, a Kindle Fire HD, or to an Android with the Kindle app, click here:


Hoping to reach more sporty girls in Kindle-Land...